Photo of Phillip Michael Pierce

Phillip Michael Pierce


Although Philip Michael Pierce was born in Memphis, Tennessee, he spent many summers and holidays visiting his grandparents, long time Hot Springs Village residents.

When Pierce, his wife, and young family moved to Hot Springs Village in 2017, he was very familiar with the hospitality and amenities that life in Hot Springs Village has to offer. Pierce also sensed the strong sense of community that is intrinsic to life in Hot Springs Village.

Pierce is naturally drawn to creative outlets—he plays drums in his church, writes poetry and music, has a love of photography, as well as a love of all things Star Wars. Pierce enjoys helping people, in general, and specifically, loves helping them find that special house that becomes a home. Among Pierce’s strong attributes is his outgoing and engaging personality, which serves him very well in the real estate profession. He says, “I can talk the ears off of anybody about anything.”


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