Should I Sell My Home?

During these past several months, we’ve all had the opportunity to be home more. We’ve gotten closer together, cooked a lot more, and even tackled some DIY and home improvement projects. One thing that you may have considered at least once during all of these life changes is: should I sell my home?

Let’s explore some of the main reasons that people consider selling their homes and see if you can find a solid reason to move on.

Growing Pains

This is perhaps the biggest reason to sell your home. Your family is growing, kids are sharing rooms, your office space is more of an office corner, years of “new finds” have turned into an overwhelming battle of “where will we put it?” Whatever the reason, you’ve discovered that your family has outgrown the space, and it just no longer fits.

There Goes the Neighborhood

When you first drove through your neighborhood it was perfect. Over the years, neighbors have moved out and new neighbors have moved in. Perhaps you have one of those stubborn neighbors that has become really noticeable now that you’ve been home more. Perhaps the area has started to boom, and now the streets are very busy or there is too much hustle and bustle due to new developments. Now you are just unimpressed with that once ideal neighborhood. No time like the present to move forward.

Moving On Up

You’ve finally made it up a few rungs on that ladder, finances are looking good, and it is your time to strut. You can finally afford to upgrade, so go for it. One of the perks of working hard is enjoying the fruits of your labor and not worrying about what else needs repair or the upkeep using up your weekends and relaxation time.

Deferred Maintenance

Home ownership does come with its own “to do” list. As your home ages, the upkeep can become more and more of a pain. Not to mention the costs. If you’re not much of a DIY type, or just don’t have the excess funds to sink into your ever-growing money pit, it could be time to cash out.

Cash in Equity

Hard times come around for us all at one time or another. One thing to consider before it becomes too large of a mountain to climb is to use the equity in your home to free yourself. If your mortgage is a little too high and your taxes are ever increasing, you may need to consider downsizing. This could be the change that makes your life a whole lot easier.

New Job

There are changes that come with even more decisions than you initially thought. With so many people furloughed or laid off during these crazy times, change is inevitable. Job searches may need to expand beyond your current location, or that newly found job may come with a crazy long commute. You find yourself searching for something closer.

Closer to You – Closer to Me

Being in lockdown has been rough on us all. You could be considering a move that brings you closer to family or friends that you have been missing. Dynamics within your family could have altered and now you need to fit more members into your immediate household. Maybe you’ve had your fill of “closeness” and need to expand the distance (no one’s judging you here).

Need a New Challenge

Does your local home improvement store know you on a first name basis? Have you exhausted every project on your long list? Restless DIY syndrome setting in? It’s the perfect time to sell your newly updated home and move on to the next fixer upper! You’re in your prime, no reason to settle yet.

Empty Nest

We all reach that stage in life where too much of a good thing becomes, well, too much. Once the kids move out you find your large home is just too much to handle. The empty nest stage is the prime time to start considering making life a little easier before retiring.


Ah, the easy life. Retirement is probably the best time to sell your home and start looking at active adult communities. Something on the lake, maybe a golf course, or a nice gated community where lawn maintenance is the last thing you ever think about.

There are many stages along life’s journey that are prime for selling your home. Wherever you find yourself, let a RE/MAX agent be your guide!

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